In today’s world, the wealth and happiness of individuals are critically linked to the wealth and happiness of nations.  The Citizens Club, through her following civic network partners, brings the benefit of good governance to members in the localities where they live and work:

ADMINISTRATIVE AGENCIES: National governments establish administrative agencies to minimize disruption of governance and to manage and regulate the delivery of rights and benefits to citizens.  The Citizens Club educates our members on the functions of these agencies and mobilizes them to partners with the agencies in the delivery of good and effective governance.

RIGHTS ORGANISATIONS: Many pressure groups promote civil and human rights so as to enhance social security and human progress. The Citizens Club educates her members on the objectives and values of these pressure groups and if needed, mobilizes members to partner with them in the localities where we live and work.

COMMUNITY AND FAITH BASED ORGANISATIONS: To promote cohesion in the localities where we live and work, the Citizens Club partners with CBO’s and CFO’s to mobilize community opinion and sustain community standards and values.


In the pursuit of our vision, mission, membership tasks and club programmes, the Citizens

To help our members earn extra income, we operate concessionary relationships with key businesses in the following platforms.

FINANCE PLATFORMS: We work with Banks and fund managers to mobilise our members to pool, save and invest their disposable income.

MANUFACTURING PLATFORMS: Citizens Club has developed a value-chain migration protocol to work with investors in packaging natural products that have established consumption and which our members in local communities have systematized the proven traditional method of processing.

MARKET PLATFORMS: Citizens Club network of members and PECs has also been developed into a regulated market and payment system for effective distribution of goods and services. Citizens Club members provide integrity to the market and serve as distributors, agents and retailers.


The social issues of violence, ignorance and poverty hinders happiness in societies. Charitable individuals and corporate organisations fund worldwide charities to help people and communities alleviate these conditions.

Citizens Club prepares her members to understand and partner with these charity organisations in delivering their programmes in localities where our members live and work.

If you would like to discuss a potential partnership with Citizens Club, please contact us at Tel: 0700-CITIZENSCLUB or