The laws promoted by our religious bodies, the constitution and legal system of Nigeria and the cultural practices of our native societies exist to guide and protect our lives and happiness.

In addition to these laws, the government operates the national budget and a series of economic policies in order to create the environment for citizens to get jobs, own businesses and live well.

The flag stand is a programme of the citizens club which prepares our members, as good citizens, to take advantage of our laws, the budget and the economy by offering them basic knowledge and insight into:

  • The Constitution
  • The Budget
  • The Justice System
  • Citizen’s Policing and People Power

In addition, the Flag Stand prepares members of the citizens club to become active partners of government in delivering and sustaining the benefits of democracy in the localities where they live and work.

As responsible citizens, members mobilize themselves as a civic force to defend good citizenship, good governance, rule of law and accountability.