The Community Network Market (CNM) is a regulated closed group system of the citizens club for product distribution and value chain migration. As a closed group system, it admits only registered members of the club and makes available to them across Nigeria about 37 warehouses, 108 distribution platforms, 120,000 retail outlets and about 25 million potential buyers.

As a distribution system, the CNM focuses on the national distribution of essential commodities which our members get at discounted rates. The producers of these essential commodities are guaranteed brand loyalty, predictable market share, reliable payments and efficient distribution and deep penetration of their products into rural communities of Nigeria. Our network of members additionally gets employment and enterprise opportunities by working in this distribution system as distributors, logistic providers, suppliers, agents and retailers for the producers.

Nearly every community has a series of products with established consumption and well developed traditional system of production. These products often lack certification, standards, organised marketing system, modernised mass production and packaging processes. The value chain migration system of the Community Network Market is implemented in the PEC to eliminate these flaws and help our members take advantage of the presence of these products in their communities to grow enterprise and create wealth. The products are distributed to other PECs nationwide where members use them in a deliberate and symbiotic spirit of economic collaboration across PECs.