If you don’t save money and you don’t work with other people, you can’t get out of poverty and you can’t get rich. The neighbourhood provides everyone an opportunity to work with other people.

Within a walking distance from the neighbourhood where you live or work, the citizens club operates a Personal Economic Community Centre (PEC) to help our members work with their neighbours to save money, get out of poverty and get rich.

The PEC offers the following:

The Citizens Club Money Kit (CCMK): The CCMK is created to promote compulsory savings, contributions to venture capital fund, the use of mobile money and group life insurance among citizens club members. We partner with First Bank PLC to manage the compulsory savings scheme, contributions to venture capital fund and the use of mobile money (Firstmonie). Our group life insurance is with Zenith Insurance.

The Personal Economic Support Group (PESG): The Citizens Club turns its 210 members in the PEC into a support group called the Personal Economic Support Group (PESG). The PESG motivates members to exchange information and help each other identify and use opportunities in their communities to create enterprise, make, save and invest extra income. By linking the 210 members in each of our 120,000 PEC Centres nationwide into a network, we bring the power of numbers (about 25 million members) and networks into every programme of the citizens club.

Citizens Club Members Meeting Point: The PEC enables members interact at the grassroots level of the citizens club called the butterfly ring. At this level the PEC centre provides coordination for administering other club programmes including the Good Life Series, The community network market and The Flag Stand.

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