Membership Eligibility

Any Nigerian citizen of good moral standing is eligible to join the Citizens Club if:

  • He or she is ready to work with others to pursue personal prosperity in ways that support the happiness of all Nigerians.
  • He or she owns a cell phone, can text messages on the cell phone and recharge the phone with a minimum airtime value of N1,000 monthly.
  • He or she is willing to earn, save and invest a minimum of N3,000 disposable income a month.
  • He or she is ready to improve himself and support others to improve themselves on a daily basis.

Key Membership Tasks

  • Make yourself part of a productive economic system by offering a product or service or by promoting, buying or distributing products/services offered by others.
  • Be a good citizen and work with others to ensure good governance.
  • Join the financial system by opening a savings account, using mobile money and contributing to venture capital fund.
  • Study the Good Life Series, find and do what makes you happy and constantly improve yourself.